Елизабет Пирсон. Святой преподобный Севастиан Карагандинский

Сочинение Елизабет Пирсон, зачисленной на первый курс регентского отделения Санкт-Петербургских духовных школ в 2011/12 учебном году (англ.).

One of the saints for whom I have a special reverence is Elder Sebastian of Karaganda. St. Sebastian is one of the newly canonized saints and he can also be called the last Elder of Optina.

St. Sebastian was born in the pious Fomin family in the late 1800s. His parents owned a small household in a village and had three sons. Being deeply believing his parents once took him to visit the famous Optina Monastery. St. Sebastian was at that time four years old. During their stay the Fomin family was able to visit Elder Ambrose of Optina and to receive his blessing. It was God’s providence that St. Sebastian visited Optina at such a young age. For it was there that he acquired a special love for God and the Holy Monastery.

As soon as he was old enough Elder Sebastian began to ask to be allowed to enter a monastery. His parents had already reposed by then and his eldest brother didn’t want to let him go. After many refusals his brother gave his approval and let him go. St. Sebastian chose to enter Optina Monastery.

St. Sebastian was received into Optina and became a novice and a disciple of Elder Joseph. For several years he worked for his salvation under the direction of the Elders of Optina. Later, Elder Joseph reposed and St. Sebastian became the disciple of St. Nektary.

Soon afterwards, Russia began to walk down the path of atheism. Optina was closed, and soon after Elder Nektary reposed and St. Sebastian was sent to a concentration camp. There he patiently endured many torments. When his sentence ended he was sent and exiled to Kazakhstan.

There the holy Elder gathered a parish and began to build a church. The people living there were believers and had been exiled as kulaks. The Elder’s love and holiness drew people to him and by his prayers these suffering people acquired a haven and a church.

Елизабет Пирсон. Святой преподобный Севастиан Карагандинский

St. Sebastian was very gentle and often cried when he heard of others misfortunes. He consoled many of the suffering and even performed miracles of healing. He organized a choir at the church and helped many young people to come closer to the faith. He reposed in April of 1966. Patriarch Alexis II canonized him in the 1990s. St. Sebastian’s relies repose in the Cathedral in Karaganda.

Elder Sebastian continues to help and comfort all who comes to him. He always pitied the suffering and would beg the Lord with tears for help and for aid. I can often feel the Holy Elder’s help when I pray to him. I also greatly admire his gentleness, patience and Christ-like love toward people. May Elder Sebastian continue to help and pray for us before the Lord.

Елизабет Пирсон. Святой преподобный Севастиан Карагандинский

Holy Elder Sebastian of Karaganda pray into God for us!


Елизабет Пирсон. Святой преподобный Севастиан Карагандинский

Елизабет Пирсон родилась 6 июля 1993 года в городе Палмере, штат Аляска, США. В том же году приняла Таинство Крещения в храме Преображения Господня г. Анкориджа. В 2011 году окончила школу в г. Анкоридже. По воскресным и праздничным дням несла послушание певчей в храме Святителя Тихона г. Анкориджа.

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